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Our goal is to never make a conventional full lower denture again. We’ve had too many experiences with patients whose quality of life is significantly decreased when they lose their own natural teeth and instead are forced to adjust to wearing bulky plastic floating in their mouths. We don’t want anyone else to suffer through that nightmare, so we strive to make implant overdentures as affordable as possible.

Dental Implants and Implant Retained Dentures
Dental Implant – $2000 includes implant and restoration

Implant Retained Dentures
The most affordable way to change your life!
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Our dentists offer the following procedures at prices that are affordable for you:

Crowns – $625

Dentures – $700

Extractions – $89

Invisalign® – $3995

Thank you for considering Affordable Dental Solutions

-Dr. Michelle Bernreuther

“I’m thankful to have the opportunity to explain our practice and how we aim to make quality care available to everyone. I spent several years working in offices where the bottom line was “how much money can we make today?” When I started at Affordable Dental Solutions, I was able to concentrate on what I truly love about my job: taking care of people, helping them to be healthy, easing their minds and their fears, and delivering the highest quality of care without compromise. Doing all of this at the lowest fee possible allows there to be more benefit to an even greater number of people.

As the practice has grown, we have worked hard to find staff with the same ideals and quality of care. Our entire team believes that dentistry should be affordable and accessible for everyone and that patient education and comfort are key.

The bottom line is more patients are able to get the treatment they need and deserve in an environment where they are comfortable. Any loss in profit to the business is made up in a gain of self-worth and pride in our careers.”

For us, it’s always about what’s best for the patients. We aim for ideal dentistry, and we educate so that people can truly understand the benefits of this treatment and the downside involved with straying from the ideal. Unfortunately, the “ideal” treatment plan cannot always be completed due to a patient’s health and/or finances. We will arrive at the best treatment plan possible for each individual patient, keeping in line with our strong sense of ethics.”

  • Implants

    SINGLE OR SEVERAL MISSING TEETH A dental implant is the replacement of a missing tooth root.

  • Cerec Crowns

    Our office proudly utilizes CEREC technology for restorations. With this new technology, we c

  • Dentures/Extractions

    Implant retained dentures - $2999 Dentures - $700 Full or Partial Dentures

Caring and Compassionate staff, both before and after my procedures. The dentist and his team called me to check on my recovery/pain level. Unheard of these days.

Dianne Stones

I give Affordable Dental Solutions in Reading, Pa my highest praise and gratitude for their fantastic work. Their dedication and skill helped me regain not only my health but also my confidence and self-esteem.

In January 2012 and for many months following, I was fighting an unexplained illness, which was later determined to be a bacterial infection. I visited my family physician and my local dentist and neither could figure out the cause of the infection. I then visited a specialist in the area who determined the possible cause of the illness was a cracked tooth, which protruded well into the gums in my mouth. The specialist presented me with a dental plan that would have cost an incredible amount of money. After weeks of searching for a reasonable alternative, I found Affordable Dental Solutions in Reading. I immediately called and scheduled an appointment. In August 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Joel Silman and his staff. It has been said that first impressions are often the trust and right off the bat, Dr. Silman and his staff were fantastic in every aspect. Dr. Silman confirmed that my teeth were the cause of the infection and explained that it is what had been making me so sick for all these months.

Affordable Dental Solutions constructed a plan that ended up saving me thousands of dollars. This plan, although much more affordable, did not cut corners by any means. In fact, the procedure involved removing 10 teeth, reconstructing my jaw bone and gums and installing 4 dental implants. I started antibiotic treatment and within a two-week period I was no longer feeling the sickness I had felt almost every day for the last few months. The team started the procedure almost immediately after my first visit. To my surprise, the whole process, including the surgical procedure, was amazing. I felt very little discomfort immediately after the surgery and over the next few days. Throughout the next five months I visited the office many times for post-op treatments and each time was more pleasurable than the last. The staff was courteous, helpful and informative—everything that one could possible hope for from a dental office. Dr. Silman was personable, down-to-earth and extremely knowledgeable. I admire his trustworthy and competent nature, which helped put me at ease throughout the entire process.

Seven months later, I now have healthy teeth and a great new smile. I am constantly receiving compliments on how great and natural my teeth look. Although Reading is quite a distance away from my home, I gladly make the trip. I am proud to call Affordable Dental Solutions my permanent dentist. I would recommend Affordable Dental Solutions to anyone who seeks a professional, knowledgeable and affordable dentist office.

I would like to extend a personal and heartfelt thank you to Dr. Silman and the entire staff at Affordable Dental Solutions. You have made such a big difference in my life.

Joe Chicano, Philadelphia Pa

GALILEOS® 3D Cone Beam imaging solution from Sirona

We want you to receive the best dental care possible, that’s why we invested in the latest technology in dental diagnostics, the Galileos® 3D Dental Conebeam.

  • Lowest radiation possible
  • Quick, easy and comfortable scan of the mouth, face and jaw
  • Immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment planning in one visit
  • More security and less time during surgery
  • Allows patients to understand their treatment with greater clarity and accuracy.