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Dental Implants and Implant Retained Dentures

Implant Retained Dentures
The most affordable way to change your life! Click here to learn more.

Our dentists offer the following procedures at prices that are affordable for you:

The most affordable way to change your life

Our goal is to never make a conventional full lower denture again. We've had too many experiences with patients whose quality of life is significantly decreased when they lose their own natural teeth and instead are forced to adjust to wearing bulky plastic floating in their mouths. We don't want anyone else to suffer through that nightmare, so we strive to make implant overdentures as affordable as possible. Click here for more information about overdentures.

Expert Dental Care at Affordable Prices. Now in 2 Locations!

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Blandon, PA 19510
Phone: 484-575-8350
ADS Reading Office
3611 Perkiomen Ave.
Reading, PA 19606
Phone: 610-401-0567

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"Thank you for considering Affordable Dental Solutions

for your dental care. I want to take a moment to introduce my practice to you. My goal is to provide the highest quality of care and dental treatment, without the fees that typically go with them. I spent six years in a fee-for-service practice in the Allentown area, providing dental care at a high fee schedule. It allowed me to spend a lot of time, money, and effort increasing my knowledge through continuing education and my skill set through the use of advanced technology.

Instead of the typical experienced, highly educated dentist who raises their fees, I have done the exact opposite and lowered my fees. Because I provide treatment more efficiently and predictably, my dentistry has become more profitable. However, profitability is not my ultimate goal. Obviously, it is a business and there needs to be some profit. I do however believe that if my costs are less, I can pass along those savings to my patients. Thus, as the cost of implants has decreased, so have my fees. Also, as my cost of doing business has come down, so have my fees. Even though I have reduced patient cost, I refuse to cut any corners as far as quality of care, technology, dental materials, or team members.

As the practice has grown, I was able to find a partner with the same ideals and quality of care. Dr. Michelle also believes that dentistry should be affordable and accessible for everyone and that patient education and comfort are key.

The bottom line is more patients are able to get the treatment they need and deserve in an environment where they are comfortable. Any loss in profit to the business is made up in a gain of self-worth and pride in our careers.

For us, it's always about what's best for the patients. We aim for ideal dentistry, and we educate so that people can truly understand the benefits of this treatment and the downside involved with straying from the ideal. Unfortunately, the "ideal" treatment plan cannot always be completed due to a patient's health and/or finances. We will arrive at the best treatment plan possible for each individual patient, keeping in line with our strong sense of ethics."

-Dr. Joel Silman

At Affordable Dental Solutions we keep our prices down without sacrificing our quality of dentistry.

Our doctors strive to deliver the latest technology in dentistry at affordable prices. As a general rule, the lower the fees are, the lower quality of dentistry you receive. This concept is unacceptable and we strive to find a solution to every patient’s needs and budget. Athough we understand that treatment may still be expensive, our goal is to set more reasonable fees without compromising the quality of care and, technology. Our team is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. We promise to deliver to the care you and your mouth need and deserve.

Scared of the dentist? Call us today and ask us about Sedation Dentistry. Click here to learn more about Sedation Dentistry.

Affordable Dental Solutions has so much to offer to you, so call us today for a free consultation. You will not be disappointed. Most local insurances are accepted as well.

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Are you tired of your dentures being loose and falling out?
Is it hard to chew and eat? Our doctors at Affordable Dental Solutions have the answer for you! Click here to find out how we can make you smile and feel great about your mouth again.

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Customer Testimonials

" I had been going to a family dentist in Collegeville for many years. The dental work started out in my early years (just like everyone else), with repairing tooth cavities with fillings, replacement of broken down filling with larger fillings, then root canals, followed by tooth capping / crowns and finally the end result tooth extraction.

After (50) years of the Collegeville dental care I wound up with (5) teeth in the upper portion of my mouth and a total of (12) teeth in the lower portion, not to say a lot of time spent and wasted money down the drain for the end result.

To further the discussion, the family dentist took me aside on one of my last quarterly routine cleanings and indicated that I think it’s time that you really think seriously about dental implants. I raised the questions of cost, when, where and length of time. I was told that a bone scan would be required to see if the tooth implants would work. This process would be handled by a specialist, secondly a hospital visit was required for possible tooth extraction plus the implant pin insertion then finally the family dentist would wrap up the procedure with the installation of the (4) implants.

The above paragraph sounds (Good) but the two main draw backs were that the whole process would take about one full year (going to 3 or 4 locations) to have the extensive work done and would cost about (16 to 20) thousand dollars out of pocket even with the dental insurance included. This process was out of the question and totally unacceptable.

My wife and I explored other avenues and through her employment a coworker mentioned the name of (Affordable Dental Solutions) located in Exeter Township. The coworker indicated to her that (ADS) is very reasonable with regards to cost and further more very receptive to the dental patients needs.

I made an appointment with (ADS) which included a bone density scan of the upper and lower jaw combined with a consultation between the Doctors and myself as to the approach and what dental methods would be required to restore my upper jaw with regards to a good matched bite between the upper and lower teeth and also to be cosmetically sound.

Both doctors (Dr. Joel Silman) and (Dr. Sid Lyons) stated that the implant process is the new up and coming (State Of The Art) Dentistry. The implant process would be handled in one of two (ADS) office locations for all facets of work and would take about (3) months in duration from start to completion.

I have had my (4) dental implants for almost a year an I’m totally more than satisfied with the work ethics and dental practices of Affordable Dental Solutions. I’m proud to be one of their dental patients and look forward to quarterly visits.


As I continue on my journey through the (Pines and Thermostats) of life, I would like to take this time to express my deepest sincere feelings and gratitude for the time well spent, the fine dental work and a job well done which was performed by Dr. Joel Silman, Dr. Sid Lyons, Dr. Michelle Bernreuther and the rest of the Dental and Administrative Staff associated with Affordable Dental Solutions. "

Eddy Imhof, Bechtelsville, PA



Here at Affordable Dental Solutions we are able to surgically place as well as restore dental implants. Dental implants can replace a single lost tooth or several missing teeth. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed in the jawbone to serve as anchors for replacement teeth. Implant dentistry requires several phases, from surgery to place the dental implants to placement of the restoration.

Cerec Crowns

Cerec Crown

Our office proudly utilizes CEREC technology for restorations. With this new technology, we can create ceramic restorations, including crowns, fillings and veneers, right in our office, so it will only take a single appointment.



We also offer:

GALILEOS® 3D Cone Beam imaging solution from Sirona

We want you to receive the best dental care possible, that’s why we invested in the latest technology in dental diagnostics, the Galileos® 3D Dental Conebeam.

  • Lowest radiation possible
  • Quick, easy and comfortable scan of the mouth, face and jaw
  • Immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment planning in one visit
  • More security and less time during surgery
  • Allows patients to understand their treatment with greater clarity and accuracy.