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Our Story

Dental Implants and Implant-Retained Dentures

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In 2011, we opened our first ADS office with a goal to deliver first-class dental care at an affordable cost. Several years and thousands of patients later, we are still focused on the same goal.

Traditional dental offices charge rates that can be unaffordable to the very patients who need care the most. In fact, our founding dentists in Reading, PA began their careers in offices that required them to turn away patients with significant dental issues because they could not afford the cost of treatment. At ADS, we strive to leave no patient behind. We have been able to do this by focusing on the four procedures that are traditionally so expensive that patients just live with pain– often to the point of deteriorating health. These procedures are: dental implants, full mouth restorations, dentures, and crowns. Patients who have sought care at other offices have been amazed not only by the cost of the work that we do at ADS, but also the quality.

We are able to provide such high-quality services and patient care at such low costs because of the volume of patients that our dentists in Reading, PA and beyond see. Traditional dental offices may only do a dozen or so implant procedures in a year. At ADS, we do hundreds. Just like going to a wholesale store and getting a lower cost, ADS does the same with dental procedures. From the beginning, this model has resonated with our patients who were thrilled to receive high-end dental care in a modern, clean, friendly environment without the high fees they have come to expect.

One thing that we will never do is rush a patient or a procedure. It is common sense that in order to keep our costs so low, we need to make sure that we are doing our work thoroughly and carefully. We offer all-inclusive pricing, so if you were to have problems as a patient, the costs for your continuing care comes right off of our bottom line.

We have thousands of patients to thank for our success. Many of them have contemplated traveling to foreign countries just to get the affordable care that they need. Our commitment to our patients stands firm: we will provide the highest quality of dentistry services at the lowest costs possible.

Affordable Dentistry Services

When we started ADS, we did not realize the overwhelming need for comprehensive and affordable dentistry with the same model as our specialized services. After four years of listening to our patients, we began providing full dental services in 2011. Our full dentistry services are rooted in our commitment to quality, affordable dental care. At Affordable Dental Solutions, our dentists in Reading offer a full range of other dental services in addition to general dentistry, including dental implants, dentures, extractions, and sedation dentistry. By providing preventative services and regular dentistry at affordable fees, patients sought care before issues become problems.

Our fees for general dentistry have been set to match typical dental insurance. Regardless if you have insurance or not, you will always be charged the same low price. Uninsured or underinsured dental patients will never have to worry about being ripped off for low-quality care again.

Thanks to all of our wonderful patients, ADS is expanding rapidly. Our team of dentists in Reading and beyond look forward to continuing to help people with dental implants, dentures, full mouth restorations, crowns, and other general dentistry services.

Now you can visit our other locations and affordable dentists in West Chester, Lansdale, and Easton.

Our Patient Commitment

The Affordable Dental Solutions promise for affordable dentistry

Starting from the moment that you walk in the door, we treat every patient the way that we would like to be treated. Here are some of the ways that we honor this commitment:

  • We always offer a free consultation inclusive of all x-rays. No gimmicks or hidden fees. A free consultation means a free consultation.
  • The dentist will always be the one to provide you with treatment options, but you will be the one making the decisions. We often say, “It’s easy to tell you the correct thing to do for your dental health. You decide what is right for you.”
  • We will educate our patients on all of the procedures available; from the lowest cost to the highest cost.
  • Once you have decided on a treatment option that is right for you, we will work to make it affordable. Our patients are provided with an all-inclusive fee for the agreed upon care.
  • We focus on doing the most work with the smallest amount of visits. This is critical to reducing our costs.
  • We expect that our patients are going to be anxious about their procedures. As a result, we will answer as many questions as you have.
  • We offer sedation. This allows the patient to be in a “twilight state” during their procedures. This state allows our patients to experience less anxiety, even during a longer visit.

Our Services

Our dentists in Reading offer the following procedures and techniques at prices that are affordable for you:

Dental Implants Starting at $2000 More »
Full Mouth Restoration Priced on an individual basis More »
Dentures Starting at $650 per arch More »
Extractions $99 per tooth
$89 per tooth if done in conjunction with denture services
More »
Sedation Dentistry Available to patients to help you relax More »

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