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Sedation Dentistry

Available to patients to help you relax.

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Millions of people do not go to the dentist because of their dental fears. Some people have been traumatized by a previous experience, find it hard to sit still, or are just afraid. Sedation dentistry in Reading, PA will allow you to relax and be comfortable during your appointment. It also allows patients to accomplish as much dental care as we can in as little as one appointment. Our goal is to make you smile again.

Our doctors have been specially trained to deliver oral medications before your appointment. At your initial consultation, our doctors will review any medical conditions you have and medications that you take. Remember; with this medication, you may still be awake, but completely comfortable and less responsive to pain. Most patients will not remember their appointment or dental work that was done.

You may be prescribed two different sedatives. The night before your appointment you may take a sedative to assure a good night sleep. The following morning you will bring the other sedative to your appointment. The medication will be administered to you when you get to the office. After some relaxation time, the sedative will have taken effect and treatment will begin. The rest is easy. After the procedure, you will be tired and ready to sleep.

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