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Full dentures starting at $650/arch, Partial dentures starting at $750/arch.

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Full or Partial Dentures

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. A few appointments will be necessary to provide you with the perfect fit. Our complete dentures are $650.00/arch and our partial dentures are $750.00/arch. If doing the upper and lower arch at the same time, complete dentures are $1,200.00 and partials are $1,400.00.

Custom Dentures

Dentures are prosthetic appliances designed to help people with missing teeth to perform everyday activities that would otherwise be difficult. When teeth are missing it will sometimes result in a sunken, collapsed appearance in the mouth area. By gaining the physical structure of teeth with dentures, this sunken, collapsed appearance is corrected and the patient can maintain their regular appearance.

The most common and frequent issue with dentures is they are not capable of staying in place and have limited stability. This will cause everyday activities, such as eating and speaking, to become difficult.

Loose dentures can become an everyday nuisance and there are a number of different reasons that can create these problems. The most common reason is the natural aging process. As you age, the jaw bone changes. Most dentures will fit well when they are first made, but over time as your jaw bone changes it will cause your dentures to become loose and often will create irritated areas in your mouth. This usually can be fixed by having your denture relined by the dentist.

If you are frustrated with loose dentures, implant-retained dentures may be right for you.

Implant-retained dentures – starting at $2999!

Full Arch Removable Implant Dentures

REMOVABLE (Upper arch)
There are two different options:

  1. Four implants placed with a ball abutment over-denture. This preserves bone in the area of the implants. There is increased retention and stability of the denture with some movement.
  2. Six implants placed with a bar over-denture. This preserves the bone in the area of the implants. There is minimal to no movement with this denture.

REMOVABLE (Lower arch)
There are two different options:

  1. Two implants placed with a ball over-denture. This preserves the bone in the areas of the implants. The implants are placed in the anterior region. There is increased retention with this denture. It does not STOP all denture movement. It is only designed to help stabilize and prevent the denture from falling out.
  2. Five implants placed with a bar over-denture. There will be bone preservation in the entire arch and minimal to no movement of this denture.


  1. More hygienic and easier to clean.
  2. More cost effective.
  3. Easier and less expensive to repair or replace.

Implant-Retained Denture

Starting at $2999!

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If all of your lower teeth are missing, two to four implants may be used to stabilize a lower denture.

The implants are positioned just below the gum tissue and are given time to fuse with the bone. Temporary abutments may be placed on the implants until the healing phase is complete. Your existing denture may be modified so that it can be worn without disturbing the implants during the healing process.

Dental implants can provide stability to your existing loose denture. After healing, ball abutments are attached to the implants. Your old denture may be modified to hold attachments that snap over the ball abutments, or a new denture with attachments will be made.

The denture is snapped into place, where it is supported by the implants and the soft tissue. You simply snap the denture out each night for cleaning.


Just $89 per tooth if done in conjunction with denture services!

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A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth. The most frequent indication for an extraction is tooth pain and dental decay. An extraction is necessary when the decay has destroyed enough tooth structure that prevents restoration of the tooth. Our extractions are $99.00. Emergencies are always welcome!


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